Winner – Best Mystery – 2014 Indie Book Awards!

Finalist - Best Novel - 2014 Indie Book Awards


"...provocative and utterly believable."

Kirkus Reviews

It's a hot Boston summer, and Nick Young, a washed-up journalist back in town to care for his dying father, is feeling the heat. Using his old skills to solve a mystery before the police do – to connect the dots between a major labor strike, a violent Occupy-style movement, and a murder that may involve his best friend's teen son.

HEADLONG is a literary thriller about fathers, sons, eco-terrorism, death, immaturity, anarchism, friendship, and failure.

From Last Light Studio books. 

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"A winning hybrid of warm family tale and murder mystery."

 – Chuck Hogan, author of The Town

"A page-turning thriller. Nick Young is a noir hero for the twenty-first century."

– Barbara Ross, author of Clammed Up

"Janitors go on strike, corporations dig in, and revolutionary kids light the fire. Until this book is through with you, you won't give a thought to how very well MacLean writes. HEADLONG is so full of love and peril you can taste it."

– Frederick G. Dillen, author of Fool

"A gripping, timely novel about the news business, labor politics, protest, and murder. It has the grace to be empathetic with all sides of a hard fight where no one has clean hands, and ultimately presents a tale of redemption and hope arising from even the most impossible circumstances."

– Cory Doctorow, author of Little Brother and Homeland