On Writing and Influences

An Interview with Talking Writing (Kelcey Parker)

"Writers whose work I’ve read and studied, whose words now live in me and have helped shape me: Flannery O’Connor, Rick Bass, Jeanette Winterson, Donald Barthelme, Gertrude Stein, Marilynne Robinson." Read more.


At the Intersection of Social Activism, Intergenerational Conflict, and Filial Piety

An interview with Dead Darlings (Marc Foster) 

"Why was I so inclined to grouse about issues over a drink in a bar but reluctant, for example, to join the Occupy movement? I forced myself to participate in Occupy rather than just sit on the sidelines. One thing was obvious to me: that movement was built by young people who knew their future was at stake. " Read more.


A Hymn to Boston

An interview with Small Press Picks  (Beth Castrodale)

"The history of this city fascinates me – the combination of lingering Puritanism and casual corruption was something I wanted to explore. Once I got into the writing of Headlong, I learned something else – this book was a hymn to the city I love."  Read more.


Why a Thriller?

"I love the form. Nothing beats the thriller – and in a broader sense, the crime novel, the mystery – for pure reading experience. Also, I was angry at the gaping abyss between rich and poor, and by the way many of those with power were and still are blithely screwing over the rest of us. I wanted to write something that expressed my anger over these issues. In a crime novel or thriller the characters have to confront evil; they are forced to engage it, not just complain about it. And, they have to face the fact that they're dirty, too." Read more.