concrete and wood

story lab

The calling of the artist, in any medium, is to make it new.
— Jeanette Winterson

Story Lab started with a simple enough premise:  how do I take my stories from good to great? You can workshop a piece to death (really, you can), but still not get it, or you, where you want to go.

What then? Story Lab. We start with a framework based on unity of opposites, motifs, and lines of motion—tools that give us a new way to look at story and demystify the craft. You'll move from the gut this is/isn't working for me to the why and the how of it. 

How's it all work? We gather, in small groups (3-5), once a month. Part workshop, part mentorship – all about telling stories new.

We work intensely. Focused. Concentrated. And patiently—it takes more time than you'd like it to. We endeavor to move stories from "workshop good" to publishable – or, even better, something you can be proud of.

By invitation only. Interested? Shoot me a note.