5 summer songs

Every summer, there are songs I can't get enough of. Walking with my ear buds in, driving with the sun roof open, I play them again and again with seemingly endless capacity for repeat (which my daughter, at least, marvels at – and not in a good way). 

This summer's endlessly repeatables: 


"Diane Young," Vampire Weekend
While this song is blasting through the speakers, I'm not worried about my own mortality. 

 "Keeper," Shovels & Rope
Easily the happy discovery of my summer. Thirteen seconds into this track, when the kick drum makes itself felt, joining electric guitar, harmonica, and tambourine, I grin every time. 3:43 of delicious back-porch stomp. 

"Weight," Mikal Cronin
Pure hard-pop bliss. Thanks to Phil Wilcox at Tres Gatos for this one. 

"Troublemaker," Camera Obscura
Yes, I could listen to Tracyanne Campbell's voice all day no matter what she's singing. But this breezy-jazzy bit of mischief is a favorite from their new record. 

 "New Mexico's No Breeze," Iron and Wine
Speaking of breezy-jazzy beauty...